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Quetzalcoatlus flying over forrest

    OCT 2023

Quetzalcoatlus : Preview

carcharodontosaurus in the woods

    SEPT 2023

carcharodontosaurus : woods

Spino's in river

    AUG 2023

Spino's : river

Raptors sunset

    April 2023

Raptors : sunset


    March 2023

Raptors : test shot b


    Feb 2023

Raptors : test shot

carcharodontosaurus the pack preview


carcharodontosaurus the pack preview :

here's a early version of the animation

T rex animation


T rex animation :

the full animtion can be viewed in the link below

YouTube - Link

Flying animation test


Flying animation test :

spinosaurus animation test


spinosaurus animation test :

my first animation in a long time.

spinosaurus render test


spinosaurus render test :

a render test.

Dippy 360 test


Dippy 360 test :

Here's something from 2016 a test i made for the history museum in london,they was thinking about about a VR experience, unfortunately i've lost the 8k renders for this and the original sounds. i've added some music by Julian Seiler, called Pantheon - 1. Satz .

House Photo's


House Photo's

I spent quite a few years away from VFX some of the time was spent renovating a old house in Bulgaria. here's some before/after photo's.

Links to Image's

Pic A

Pic B

Pic C

Pic D

Pic E

Pic F

Pic G

Pic H

Pic I

Pic J

Pic K

Pic L

Pic M

Pic N

Pic O

Pic P




After a long time of of not doing any vfx, almost 5 years here's some render tests of my nothosaurus.

Links to Image's

nothosaurus A

nothosaurus B

nothosaurus C

Read more

Demon head


Demon head :

This was a quick little project for a horror short film, sorry i can't remember the name of it. the task was to have someone transform into a demon. .

St Mary's Hospital


St Mary's Hospital :

Here's something a bit different is this some previs for St mary's hospital in london, the previs was made to show what it might look like in the surroundings before final approval for the building project. i tracked the shots then placed the cg buildings in the plate, also added some cg people and birds. .



CG people for Harlots :

Here's something not very interesting but a good example of the different background tasks vfx artist's do. this is from the show harlot's where i added lots of cg background action.

Mystery of The Ebu Gogo


Mystery of The Ebu Gogo :

Here's some pre-vis from a possible project that i might come back to one day...


    12 may 2016

Mecca :

here's something i did in 2016 for a historic tv show they wanted to recreate how mecca looked at around the year 600, i created the city and added cg poeple. i only have a few render tests in the movie file, i don't have any of the final shots where some cloud layers were added. there also some links to a few render tests

Links to Image's

City render test A

City render test B

City render test C

City render test D

Carolina Butcher

    27 feb 2015

Carolina Butcher

here's some pictures of a new creature, The Carolina Butcher.. some highres frames are linked below, there's also a 360_VR render render frame, lastly a archive of some test renders.

Links to Image's

Carolina Butcher A

Carolina Butcher B

Carolina Butcher C

Carolina Butcher D

Carolina Butcher VR


    29 Sept 2015


added some pictures of a new creature, The Deinocheirus.. some highres frames are linked below plus a 360 VR render frame, also a zipped archive of some test renders.

Links to Image's

Deinocheirus A

Deinocheirus B

Deinocheirus C

Deinocheirus D

Deinocheirus VR


    29 March 2015


Here's a update of one of my old dinosaur's Theres some here res renders below.

Links to Image's

Spinosaurus with hatchlings A

Spinosaurus with hatchlings B

Spinosaurus A

Spinosaurus B

Spinosaurus C

Spinosaurus D


    27 feb 2015


Looking through my old scene files I found a Ichthyosaurus which I made a few years ago. I decided to make a few beauty renders of her. this creature was made for a documentary about Ichthyosaur's, I think it was a discovery channel doc.

Links to Image's Below

Pic A

Pic B

Pic C


    12 dec 2014

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Recently Completed work on the Film Kingsman, it was a good project to work on, most of my shots were mostly backround and set extension's, Here's a clip of a few of the shots, a CG fox and a CG reconstruction of Savile Road in London..


Flight of the Butterflies

    01 feb 2014

Flight of the Butterflies

Butterflies is a Imax documentary film, The film covers a near 40-year-long scientific investigation into the monarch butterfly, tracking the details of what is considered one of the longest known insect migrations.

I worked on the CG butterflies and CG environment. here's a few hi-res render of the butterfly



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