03. Compositing and matte painting


mika hohko

I'm a composer by trade, but my love for palaeontology runs deep. As a kid I held my well-worn dinosaur-books as my most valuable treasures, and I can still riffle through the artwork on those pages if I close my eyes. I drove my parents into letting me watch Jurassic Park when I was supposedly far too young for it. .

Then came the Walking With-series, and the wave of prehistory-documentaries that followed became my object of obsession, and the music of Ben Bartlett the soundtrack of primeval landscapes as they were imprinted in my mind.

As I got older, Tolkien took me away into the lands of the imagined, and there I would linger, but I kept an eye on my wild friends from our past. Years having passed, as an adult, that interest would re-emerge with new vigour. With a mind sharpened by age for science, I dove back into that vanished world again, now fully immersed in the marvels of evolutionary biology and the myriad puzzles and mysteries of the history of life.

And as I began reading papers and watching content-creators on the internet, it was only a matter of time until I would find my way to Julian's channel. Having worked on a few video games and animations at that point, I dared dream that my services might be welcomed, and that I would get the chance to try to conjure the sounds that evoke the grandeur of worlds lost to time, as the work of those earlier composers so vividly did for me. That dream came true.


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